Need Dental Implants

I have always had problems with my teeth. My dentist recently referred me to a periodontist.  I grew up in a very poor family, so dental work was never really important or a priority. It did not become one of importance until I got married and we moved into the suburbs.

Living in the suburbs post war time was a great time. Everything was safe, we knew all of our neighbors, and we would just have wonderful block parties. It was when my husband and I began our family. Our kids got to the school age, and it was then that the school nurse suggested going to the dentist. It started to get popular then to go to a dentist and learn about dental health. So my husband and I sent our kids to get checked up. Over time we got checked out as well.

Right off the bat, I was told that my teeth were not the healthiest. Not only had I had problems with my teeth but I had issues with my gums. Over the years, we avoid any work that needed to be done. I tried my hardest to keep my teeth and gums at the best they can be. However, it just did not stay that way. Now after years of going to the dentist and well into my retirement, it is time to look into a periodontist for dental implants. At this point, my gums are beyond my general maintenance and will need more specific help.